NIS (Neurological Integration System) in Syracuse, NY

NIS, which stands for Neurological Integration System, is a system for finding and fixing errors in human cellular signaling that occurs from neurological interaction, which is how the brain is able to control everything in our body from our vital organs to the muscles in our cheeks that allow us to smile.

nis neurological intergration system

How Does NIS Work?

NIS works through the neurological connections that are found between every cell in our body. These connections are how the brain controls our muscles, thoughts, emotions, organs, and virtually every other cellular function our body is responsible for.

NIS is able to combat the everyday stress we encounter, both emotional and physical. When these pressures become too much for our natural tolerance to handle. When this happens, the neurological connections between our cells are disrupted. NIS offers a way to mend and repair these neurological connections and restore your body to it’s natural functioning state.

Dr. Margie Anne Miller is the only NIS practitioner in the Syracuse Area


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